Daytona State Baseball Earns NJCAA Academic Team of the Year Honor

Daytona State Baseball Earns NJCAA Academic Team of the Year Honor

--Daytona Beach, FL

The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) released the Academic Team of the Year awards this past Wednesday. This award is given to the college with the highest cummlative team grade point average in that sport. Daytona State College won the award for baseball by posting a 3.81 GPA. This is the 12th year in a row that the Daytona State Baseball program has won this academic award. 

The 3.81 GPA earned over the 2017-2018 academic year is the highest in Daytona State Baseball program history. After conducting research with the help of the national NJCAA office in Colorado Springs, CO the 3.81 GPA is the highest ever for an NJCAA member college in baseball. 

There were 17 members of the Falcon Baseball team that earned an Academic Student Athlete Award. There were four that earned a 1st Team Academic Student Athlete Award for having a 4.0 GPA. There were eight that earned 2nd Team Academic Student Athlete Award for having a 3.8-3.99 GPA. There were five 3rd team Academic Student Athlete Award winners who had a 3.6-3.79 GPA. 

Tim Touma, Daytona State Baseball HBC, was asked about his program winning the award, "This is a great accomplishment for our players and is special because it is the best team GPA we've every had here at Daytona State. The support system for our student-athletes in our baseball program is fantastic. This award is not possible with out the help from our administraton and support staff. Our Athletic Director Will Dunne has lead the way in creating a culture of academic success with in the entire Daytona State College Athletic Department. Our acadmemic advisors, Cindy Iafanti and Alison Mohr, do much more than just help our student athletes with classes. They take an interest in their lives and develop relationships with our kids that will extend far past graduation. They have been invaluable to the success for our athletic department, our Falcon baseball program but most importantly for our student athletes"