Falcons Receive Post Season Honors

Photo by Aldrin Capulong courtesy of Daytona State College
Photo by Aldrin Capulong courtesy of Daytona State College

At the end of their most successful season in program history, a number of Falcons have been recognized with All Region Recognition. Players are voted to two All Region teams and numerous individual awards including Player of the Year, Freshman of the Year, and Goalkeeper of the Year. 

The Falcons lead the league with four players named to the Region 8 First Team.  Three of the four players nominated received the same recognition last year.  Heather Nulty, Kristian Shores, and Shanade Hopcroft are once recognized for their performances. Kaila Armstrong joins the trio on the first team after being voted to Second Team All Region 8 in 2016.  Kaila also received votes for Region Player of Year for her performance during the fall. 

The Falcons also had three players named to the Region 8 Second Team.  Michaella Krebser and Naomi Gurrola are first time award winners.  Both players had very strong fall seasons improving upon their individual marks from the 2016 season.  Megan Warner was voted to the team for the 2nd year in a row, despite being asked to play in a deeper midfield position than what she previously in 2016.  Her total points on the year was only one point below her 2016 total despite this change. 

In addition to having the most players voted to All Region Teams, the Falcons also received  recognition for individual awards.  Kristian Shores was once again named the Region 8 Goalkeeper of the Year.  Prior to the conference final Kristian was on pace to break the record she set for goals allowed in a season.  Over the 14 game season Kristian only faced 55 shots, which speaks volumes to the defense she had in front of her.  The team only allowed 3.9 shots per game. 

Finally, Brittany Jones was voted Region 8 Coach of the Year.  This marks the second time in as many years that Jones has received the award.  "I am very proud of our program's work this fall.  Our group really bought into our values and that showed on the field.  The ultimate goal of our program is help our players grow as people, students and players.  I am happy to see the growth in all of our players, which ultimately shows in the growth of our team."


  Region 8 Teams 2018


      1st team

  1. Laura Knott  (Polk)
  2. Maddy Miller (Polk)
  3. Ronja Cronval (Broward)
  4. Kayla Thorne (Broward)
  5. Noemy Franco  (ASA)
  6. Katie Lockwood (Eastern)
  7. Nathali da Silva (Eastern)
  8. Ebony Wiseman  (Eastern)
  9. Kaila Armstrong  (Daytona)
  10. Heather Nulty (Daytona)
  11. Kristian Shores (Daytona)
  12. Shanade Hopcroft (Daytona)


      2nd team

  1. Michaella Krebser (Daytona)
  2. Megan Warner (Daytona)
  3. Naomi Gurrola (Daytona)
  4. Kathryn Huapaya (Polk)
  5. Kaitlyn Dickie (Polk)
  6. Caroline Schroeder (Broward)
  7. Leah Maxaner (Broward)
  8. Angelica DeDon (Broward)
  9. Valentina Schwarzlmuller (ASA)
  10. Juna Suppan (Eastern)
  11.  Chloe Whittaker (Eastern)
  12. Destiny Deluca (Eastern)

Other Awards:

Coach of the Year:  Brittany Jones (Daytona)

Player of the Year:  Katie Lockwood (Eastern)

Freshman of the Year: Ebony Wiseman (Eastern)

Goalkeeper of the Year:  Kristian Shores (Daytona)