Falcons Improve to 2-0 With an Electric 118-99 Win!

Falcons Improve to 2-0 With an Electric 118-99 Win!

Daytona Beach, FL - The Falcons won their second game of the season by a score of 118-99. DSC jumped out to a commanding first half lead against Demark Tech, 75-36, hitting 10 3's. The gym was electric as Denmark Tech really seemed to struggle with the pace of play from the Falcons. Khadim Sy and Durey Cadwell paced the Falcons with 22 points and 10 rebounds and 22 points and 6 rebounds respectively. Bryce Williams continued his all-around staff stuffing tallying 15 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds. Jordan Coblin came off the bench with  14 points and 5 assists.


After a great offensive performance by the Falcons, Head Coach Brock Morris said, "In the first half we brought great energy and fed off the crowd. Scoring seventy-five points in one half while holding your opponent to thirty-six is how we need to play every half. I have to do a better job demanding consistency throughout the game. We can't have lackluster stretches no matter what the score is. We play to a standard every possession. The scoreboard shouldn't matter, each possession should have a life of its own. When we are able to stay in the moment, forget the scoreboard, and play to our standard we will have a chance to compete at a high level, until then we are a work in progress."

              What were your thoughts on Freshman Durey Cadwell's performance? Morris, "I thought Durey played hard and really is starting to understand the pace he needs to play with all the time. He slowed down on his catches and made good decisions. We have been encouraging him to rebound better and tonight he really attempted to do that. I think his offensive production was a direct indication of his effort level on both ends of the floor."

              Bryce Williams seems like a different player this year? "Bryce really bought into our off-season program. He gained 15 pounds of muscle and got in the gym and worked on his game. He deserves a lot of credit for his progress, I have seen a great leap in his maturity level and I think you are starting to see it on the court. The great thing about Bryce is his humbleness. He is a tough gritty player who understands he still has a long way until he reaches his full potential. But, he is working on his craft daily through film, workouts, and practice."

              Scoring over 100 points in back to back games is something that hasn't been done at Daytona State in a long time, what are your thoughts on your teams' offensive performance? "Well I think it starts with unselfish guys. They really love each other and play for each other. We haven't had an issue with sharing the ball. We have a lot of guys who are capable of scoring the ball, but I think offense starts on the defensive end. We created a lot of points this weekend through our defense. Hopefully we continue to do those things that brought us success this weekend and get better in the areas that weren't so good."

              What area's do you think your team needs to improve on? "We must be more consistent for forty minutes. We relaxed the last two games and that is something championship teams don't do. The teams who compete at the highest level have a killer instinct. They put teams away and keep coming. There is a difference in winning and dominating, we need to learn how to dominate our opponent."


The Falcons go on the road to face Tallahassee Community College Tuesday November 6th at 6:00 PM. The game can be seen through TCC's website on live stream.